Emergency management visual dispatch system

Ineffective communication is often the weak link tied to ineffective emergency management operations. In addition to communicating with those you’re responsible for protecting, it includes exchanges with all members of the response team, dialogue with staff, third party emergency services and agencies, and others immediately or indirectly affected by the emergency incident. In a time of crisis like flood, forest fire, earthquake or other geological disaster, we are facing the worst case scenario, no power, no public network, all requires easy moving, fast deploy communication for responders. Therefore, the emergency rescue command of emergency, the dispatch of emergency rescue forces, and the effective integration of medical and health resources urgently require the establishment of a modern and international emergency command center as soon as possible. Equipped with a set of unified, efficient and stable emergency command system, namely the visual command and dispatch system of safety production event emergency management.


Fast and easy deploy solutions with multiple communication methods covering space, sky, and ground , which is organized for the primary purpose of supporting communication and command of emergency information between both individuals and groups of individuals, helping end user prepare better, respond faster, and communicate more effectively before, during and after emergencies.Relying on various wireless network technologies such as public network 4G and private network 4G LTE, the emergency management visual command and dispatch system creates a cross-regional, cross-network and cross-platform visual cluster scheduling platform for industrial customers. Realize the interconnection and interconnection of multi-media information, such as inter-regional cluster intercom, audio and video call, video monitoring, geographic location reporting, GIS map positioning, short message communication, picture shooting and video transmission, etc., among mobile users and between dispatching administrators. To provide industry customers with a set of "instant voice, visual intercom, clear location, timely information transmission" of a full range of modern command and dispatch system platform.
Emergency management visual command and dispatch system


支持从市、区、街道到社区的多级事流转,既满足监管分离、、高位 监督的 管理模式 也满足主动发现,快速处置的工作机制




支持多媒体消息交互、现场图片视频上报、一键联动报警 等功能,


提供完善的组织架构管理、上报内容管理、视频回传管理 、位置、语音调度等功能。


系统采用自主研发的高清音视频编码算 法,保证在公网环 境下高品质通话,流畅不卡顿。

System Main Function

Live streaming videos

Saturn body cameras support live streaming videos ,the command center grasps the scene situation in time.

Push to talk

Saturn body camera support push to talk function ,support two way voice communication with monitor platform ,and also support to talk with cameras group .

On-site Command

Saturn on-site command can display location of fast deploy units and issue command and orders according to the status, which is extrmley useful for on-site operation

Evidence reported

The scene of the disaster evidence data can be reported to the management, to facilitate the management to understand the scene, and can be kept as permanent evidence;