Industry Challenge

Public safety projects are essential for urban development, protecting citizens from crime and terrorism, and minimizing the impact of natural disasters and other threats. As cities continue to develop, rapid increase in population poses new challenges to public safety management. There are problems of lack of means of warning, shortening of information and inaccurate analysis. In the process of the case, there are problems of low communication efficiency, weak dispatch capabilities, lack of historical information.

Public safety solutions

Development of urbanization brings chanllenges to public safety operations, not only mulitply the workload, but also brining more complicated tasks. Hense an advance solution is required to provide situation awareness, intelligence assistense, and smooth communication to safeguard daily operations with efficient. Saturn body worn camera can be used to take the photo, record the video, and upload the video to the control center.

Visualized dispatch to monitor

The solution offers voice calls, GPS positioning services and messaging functions, , keeping your team connected, anytime, anywhere

Real time GPS location

Obtain the real time GPS location,make sure you know the actual location.

Voice communications

SATURN camera support two way voice communications to monitor platform ,and push to talk with team members .

Flexible customizition architecture

Saturn solution with flexible customizition architecture, aims to achieve incident handling, overall situation display and control, urban resources management, major events security, also to meet other related public safety need.

One button SOS alarm

Press SOS button ,send an alert to monitor center.