On-site mobile monitoring and management in construction industry

Brief Introduction

The construction industry has always been characterized by frequent flow of personnel and materials, scattered construction sites and so on. It is dangerous in the construction process, poor working conditions, many unsafe factors and difficult to prevent, in addition, some workers lack necessary safety knowledge and self-protection awareness, Bad work is relatively serious, and the management of construction enterprises cannot keep up with it, resulting in frequent construction safety accidents, serious casualties and property losses. How to improve the on-site construction site management mode and effectively prevent and control accidents has always been a major problem area concerned by construction enterprises and construction safety management departments.


The intelligent site safety production management system based on video coding and GPS positioning technology can provide a brand-new solution for the safety control of the construction industry. Provide 4G law enforcement recorder for on-site safety supervision personnel, use its powerful video collection function to record the whole process of high-definition images of construction site operations, and also conduct two-way voice intercom with project management personnel, ensure that the management personnel can grasp the dynamic situation of on-site construction in a timely and effective manner; Equip on-site workers with positioning-type intelligent safety helmet. Through one hat, real-name management can be carried out for on-site workers, you can also collect the location information of workers and mobile vehicles on the construction site to view the distribution of personnel in real time. At the same time, it can also carry out safety education for on-site workers to enhance their safety awareness. The application of this system can realize intelligent management of site operators, improve the management efficiency of the construction site, improve the safety supervision level of the site, and make the construction enterprises jump to a new management platform.

Personnel positioning track, intelligent attendance clock-in

Personnel positioning track

The construction personnel can realize real-time location positioning and send the personnel's location information back to the project command and dispatch center in real time.

Electronic fence

The location of the personnel entering the site of the operation team is displayed in the picture of the dispatching center in real time, and the number and unit of online operation team personnel are automatically displayed according to the grouping statistics of the construction site and tunnel interval.

Secure Voice publicity and alert in hazardous areas

Solve the problem of poor security awareness and remotely carry out security publicity work

Instructions for automatic broadcast and distribution mechanism

The construction personnel automatically broadcast the work instructions, team arrangement, safety operation items, etc. issued by the system.

Hazardous area locator beacon

Set the electronic fence in the dangerous area, and the construction personnel are close to the area to immediately alert and play the voice file.

On-site data collection, process trace Tracing

Monitor the whole process of the construction site and report defects and hidden dangers in time.

Evidence stored on site for project acceptance

Record and retain audio and video in real time, so as to achieve responsibility to people and strengthen the supervision of acceptance quality.