4G wireless dispatch command system in power grid


System Architecture

四川电力执法记录仪品牌哪个好?四川电厂执法记录仪价格怎么样?深圳执法记录仪厂家哪家质量好? According to application requirements, 4G wireless image transmission mobile video monitoring equipment can be in the following forms: Saturn electronics in view of the abrupt faults in the power system at the scene of the emergency repair, provide 4G based mobile field real-time image transmission solution, without expensive command vehicle microwave relay, thorough breakthrough the limitation of distance, leadership at the scene of the city office can be real-time preview images, intercom with people ahead, turn the patrol four ball machine, realize the real remote monitoring. 1)4G vehicular DVR was installed on the emergency repair vehicle, equipped with the on-board PTZ camera. When the vehicle was parked at the emergency repair site, the leader could control the rotation of the PTZ remotely, and the survey scene images were transmitted to the center in real time. Support 3G/4G dual card, telecom, Unicom, mobile LTE network complement, ensure remote areas do not drop; At the same time, support WiFi, 4G/ WiFi automatic switchover; Can also provide on-site lighting to support night construction;;要了解4G执法记录仪厂家土星电子有限公司http://www.saturnelec.com的更多信息,请看以下的参数: 2)Outdoor/high-speed law enforcement portable emergency command box, the use of triangle bracket + HD ball machine, built-in 12AH large capacity battery, open the box set up plug and play, a day to use up and go away, simple and convenient, easy maintenance; The ball machine can be remotely operated to rotate in all directions, and the scene will be led to the fundus, and the difficult problems will be sent back to the back end in real time for problem analysis; ;厂家推荐深圳执法记录仪厂家,口碑好的深圳执法记录仪厂家,国产深圳执法记录仪厂家,的深圳执法记录仪厂家,最优的深圳执法记录仪厂家 参数仅供参考使用,实际为准。 3)Law enforcement recorder for 4 g wireless figure, on-site staff with 4 g law enforcement instrument shooting scene, directly to the scene images by 3 g / 4 g network real-time transmission to the center, 720 p / 1080 p in real-time and can figure or photo, high-definition images, support af, manual digital focus, can clearly see the power tower on the text of support local video, Supports an external HD camera, two-way voice intercom, GPS positioning and address labeling, and provides navigation guidance for follow-up patrol personnel; Product Application picture  
4)The power system emergency repair command terminal can transmit the real-time video images of the emergency repair and construction site to the command center. The integrated design is adopted to integrate the audio and video DSP card and camera into the special helmet of the power system, which can get rid of the lengthy cables and liberate the hands of the construction personnel, and greatly improve the work efficiency. Support device call, voice conference and other functions, centralized command can be sent to achieve no distance limit of remote visual command scheduling. 。
All devices are connected to CMS, Saturn's large intelligent power command and scheduling management platform. CMS back-end business platform consists of server and client software, support preview video, voice intercom, audio conference, cloud mirror control, remote configuration, video retrieval/playback, alarm linkage, log management and multiple user permissions, support 4 g DVS, DVR/hd IPC, a variety of equipment such as mobile phones pass, the client and the client access, high capacity, Large concurrency, high security, stable and reliable, long - tested. System networking: The entire application system consists of "front-end 4G individual graph transmission equipment + back-end server software + client software", in which the server software runs on the HP/IBM server and needs to be supported by a fixed IP fiber network.