Tank truck transportation solutions

Reliable communication is of upmost importance in the transportation stage. Transporting oil and gas comes with its risks, but by harnessing SATURN’s technology, you are able to ensure the safety of your personnel and property. Our solutions allow you to provide real-time voice communications, GPS positioning, remote monitoring, and cross-regional push-to-talk for tank truck transportation, staying connected at all times.

Oil truck management

Live streaming videos

By obtaining the real-time status of transportation trucks, oil and gas companies do not have to worry about the safety or efficiency of their staff.

Real-time GPS location

Support show the GPS location in the google map

The whole process will be videotaped

All the actions of the vehicle are recorded by video for subsequent tracing and assessment

Voice communication

Clear voice communication is supported by visualised dispatch, meaning command centre operators can monitor the vast oil site and dispatch, if and when, required.

Organized procedure and standardization

  With the positioning and video services Saturn devices offer, you can directly monitor the location, route, speed and surrounding environment of tank trucks during transportation.  

Keeping your team connected anytime,anywhere

The solution offers voice calls, GPS positioning services and messaging functions, , keeping your team connected, anytime, anywhere

Ensure complete and accurate records

The operation and maintenance personnel can accurately keep track of equipment’s operating status, and take preventative measures to resolve potential problems, reducing production losses.

Rich dispatch services

Improving production efficiency, Saturn solutions provide rich dispatch services, including individual call, group call, broadcast call, dynamic regrouping, and priority management.


  Saturn body worn camera can be used to take the photo, record the video, and upload the video to the control center.  

Monitor the staff

Manage your evidence, monitor your staff and communicate seamlessly with our bodycam solutions.

Real-time status

Obtain the real-time status of equipment to reduce losses.

Analysing data

Analysing big data connected to this platform will help managers in decision making to maximize efficiency,productivity,safety and profitability .