• Body worn camera docking station TJ10B
Item No TJ10B
LCD screen 8inch touch screen
Power AC100-240V  50/60HZ /Power 250W
Interface USB3.0  /HDMI/ USB2.0
WiFi Support
Motherboard Industrial Motherboard
Screen resolution 1024X768
Weight 8kg
Work temperature -20℃--55℃
Dimension 450mm*300mm*100mm
RAM DDR3 1600L 4GB
Screen brightness 250cd/m2
Port 10ports

Software Parameter

Data collection 10 body worn cameras data collection and charging at the same time, automatic calibration
Data automatic collecting After the body camera, docking station will automatically collect all the video, audio, pictures, logs and other data in the body camera. The 10-way 16G body camera will complete the collection in about 60 minutes
Automatic data clearing After the data collection is completed, the video and audio data inside the body camera is automatically cleared.
Automatic data upload Access data management platform, can automatically upload video and audio files to the superior management server, can set up the upload
Disk space reminder When a network occurs in the docking station terminal and the storage space overflows abnormally, the device will automatically issue an alarm indication.
Automatic charging Body camera will be automatically recharged when connect to the docking station
Data management function Data can be retrieved according to police officer number, name, device number, collection time, shooting time light, or one or more conditions, and the single or multiple data can be copied, cut, deleted and uploaded.
WIFI Built-in WiFi for easy sharing
Battery optional extra
Breakpoint Support