• 4G Body Camera DSJ-M6

4G body worn camera:dsj-m6

Designed for Frontline Workers & Police. Explore the with WIFI and GPS。Unbreakable Security. Front Facing Screen. One touch record. Award-Winning Design。
Law enforcement agencies across the United States and throughout the world are using body-worn cameras (BWCs) as a promising tool to improve evidentiary ...


Whole Monitoring System

Live streaming video

Real-time video fetching, multi-screen monitoring and history playback make it convenient for the command center to watch and download video remotely

GPS location retrieval

Map shows the position of personnel and vehicles, one key to query the historical track, intuitive grasp of the journey and real dynamics of personnel and vehicles

Archive the video recording evidence of the whole process

All the behaviors of the vehicle in the process of working are recorded by video, and the equipment automatically records and marks them, so as to save the on-site evidence.

Equipment spot check and retrieval

The system automatically marks the working status of the equipment and various types of spot-check videos, so as to facilitate the management personnel to inspect the video inspection work.
Mine explosion-proof digital camera, explosion-proof digital camera, explosion-proof body worn camera recorder, detection and certification

4G/ WIFI Live Streaming

4G/ WIFI Live Streaming

Stream video anywhere to ensure quicker response and increase situational awareness

GPS Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking,trace playback

PTT function

Talk over cellular with other 4G BWCs and Command Center.

SOS One button function

One button SOS ,send an alert command to the platform



The Bodycame FULL HD VIDEO and Audio REC

1080P HD Video

ultra high definition,ensuring excellent footage day and night .

140-degree Wide Angle

Lens viewing angle is a bit of personal perference .Bigger is not always better .This units provides wide angle lens ,which is able to make the image without distortion and always true to details.

Long time of Battery Life

Built in high capacity battery ,super long standby,continuous 12hours of videos.

Infrared night vision

Function of strong night vision, able to see the facial appearance of humans clearly up to 10M in complete darkness.
police body worn camera Accessories
Push to talk Between device and platform can two-way real-time voice communication / Support team members talk;
WIFI 802.11b/g/N,2.4GHz,With AP hotspots and client functions,
Memory 16GB/32GB/64GB/128G
Bluetooth Bluetooth BT3.0/4.0 support bluetooth headset to voice talkback
SOS One button Alarm, ask for help from center
Video resolution Multiple Recording Resolution 1080P 30fps ,720P 30fps
Video Format H.264 /MPEG4
Water marks User ID, Time and date,GPS coordinates embedded into Video.
Snapshot PHOTO 42MP
Photo format JPEG
Night vision Up to 10 Meters with Visible Face Detection
IR light 850nm IR LED
Pre-record function 10~20 seconds pre-record.
LCD screen 2.4 inch TFT-LCD touch screen
Alarm Support alarm input and the alarm can be show in platform
Mic Support
Flashlight with red and blue flashlight
Interface TYPE C USB
Battery life 10-16hours
Working Temperature -20~55 degrees Celsius
Standard Accessories USB cable,Adaptor, 2clips,2pc batteries