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Function description of docking station

Published:2021-07-08 05:07:23
发布时间:2021-07-08 05:07:23

The collection station belongs to a separate PC computer, the docking station is divided into two functional modules for the data acquisition system and data management system. The collection system is to collect and clear the recorder data, charging, and for some simple settings, the data management system is to upload the recorder data management, such as precision view of data, data editing , Download, statistics, delete and other management functions, please see the following instructions about the detailed operation.

    • System supports a number of manufacturers and their body worn camera, please contact the dealer and manufacturers in advance if your camera need to be compatible with the corresponding device.
    • Ordinary collection station recommended Win7 operating system, 4GB memory, 4TB storage space. Body worn camera data (16GB storage) need 30 minutes to upload, 16 pcs body worn cameras(16GB storage) can upload at the same time, all the data collection is completed in 2hours.
    • At the bottom of the collection station, scroll through the notice of the push, revelation and other information, the staff can always read the notice issued by the unit.