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Benefits of police body cameras

Published:2021-07-06 10:07:52


Following is a list of the advantages for both cops and citizens:

1. Recording interactions with residents is likely to minimize complaints about police officer behavior and the unnecessary use of force Because there is a record of their interactions for everyone to see. Both officers and citizens may tend to be more restrained, knowing that the camera is capturing their words and actions.

2. Use of the cam while on-duty provides hard video evidence of decisions made by officers in high-intensity situations. The footage is extremely valuable in piecing together what actually happened.

3. Video recorded by body cams helps protect police officers and citizens against false accusations, claims of misconduct, or abuse.

4. Increases transparency and accountability of officers.

5. May help prevent and de-escalate confrontational situations between officers and civilians.

6. May help provide valuable evidence in obtaining accurate witness and victim statements.

7. Video footage captured may help speed up court proceedings by providing indisputable proof of situations. This may lead to a reduction in court expenses. For example, it may help increase pretrial plea bargains or possibly an increased rate of convictions.